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Session Info and Pricing


As the founder of Tobi Bos Photography, I strive to capture your child as they are; Forgoing forced smiles and poses; I embrace the natural smiles and expressions that your child gives. When you look at an image taken by me through the years, I want you to remember the experience of a custom photographer and the personal attention to you and your child’s needs.  I also want you to cherish the beauty and quality of the images and the memories of your child that will last a lifetime.  So please respect that I work hard to make sure I present to you the best images possible and that my pricing is non negotiable.  I hope that you find the enclosed information helpful and informative as you begin your photographic journey with Tobi Bos Photography. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or by email. I look forward to meeting you and your child, and capturing them in this brief moment of childhood.

Sincerely, Tobi


Session Fee – Newborn (less than 2 weeks of age at the session time). $125, To guarantee yourself a session please book while you are still expecting. Child session $150 (up to two children, $25 each additional child) Please add an additional $100 premium for weekend sessions. The session fee is due at the time of booking as a retainer to secure your appointment. The retainer is non-refundable, but you may reschedule within 30 days. Please give at least a 24-hour notice to reschedule. No-shows forfeit the retainer.  Photographs and other keepsakes are purchased separately. In the event of poor weather, outdoor sessions may reschedule or switch to an indoor location.  (applic. taxes additional)

 Tobi does not have a minimum required purchase amount, but typically her clients invest between $800 and $2500 in their portraits. This amount reflects the purchase of personal prints and wall art, as well as gift prints and albums. Sessions can be done in my studio or they can be done on-location. My studio is located at 8398 Dickenson Rd in Mount Hope. (near the Hamilton International Airport) On-location sessions can either be done in and around your home, or done at a local park. There are some local parks that I often use but I am always open to suggestions for new locations.

If you wish for me to come to your location or your home and it is outside of my “20 km radius” please note that travel fees will apply.

All Sessions include:

*An initial consultation via phone, e-mail or in person. 

*Up to 2 hours of photography coverage on your session date.

*Password protected online gallery of up to 20 images from your session that you can share with family and friends.

*Post session image preparation; which averages about 5-8 hours per session.

*Personal consultation with the professional lab to achieve the highest quality images to present to you.

 Standard sessions are available from January 1st to November 15th. From November 15th to December 31st only collection sessions will be available These sessions are our premium offering and they include a beautiful handmade black leather album featuring 20 images of your choice from our session.No standard sessions will be available at this time. (Prebooked newborn sessions excluded) 


The most fleeting stage of your child’s life … the first few weeks… They never change as fast as they will in those first few weeks. Firstly please make sure you book a “flex” session while you are still expecting. •Please feed your baby before you arrive so that he or she has a full tummy… I do like to photograph a newborn mostly in little to no clothes, but feel free to bring an outfit that you may want him or her in. Accessories such as hats, scarves and booties are a nice addition. •I often use the parents as backdrops for baby, so please wear a black top (if possible). Also, an extra set of clothes for the parents is a good idea, just in case. Mom and Dad are welcome to join in for pictures with baby at no extra charge. •Please know that there is no rush with a newborn session. I like to give special attention to each client, especially newborn sessions. Please know that I do not mind waiting for you to nurse or change baby, or taking a break to soothe your baby.  •When doing the poses where the baby is undressed, it pretty much always happens that the baby will go pee (or worse) on my backdrop … or anywhere else. I can assure you this happens all the time and I am not upset or offended. Please bring with you baby wipes, and extra diapers. After each newborn session I am sure to launder all of my backdrops and other items the baby comes in contact with. •Lastly, please think of  a list of “must haves” images (close-ups with feet and hands, with someone, etc.)

•Congratulations with your new addition!!




What if my child doesn’t cooperate?

First, if you believe that your child is sick, we are better off rescheduling than forcing them through a session while they are uncomfortable. That said, there are many times that children are completely healthy and don’t want to comply!  We’ll take our time, get to know each other, and have fun. It’s my goal to put the child at ease from the start, go with their moods, and stop for breaks as necessary.

 How can I help my child to cooperate?

Children should be well-rested and not hungry.  A snack and drink before the session will keep them content…just make sure they have clean faces when we start!  If they do need to stop for a snack, no big deal, we have lots of time!  Try to keep distractions to a minimum – toys put away, TV off, etc.  Keep discussions about the session to a minimum beforehand – if you build it up too much in their minds, it can backfire!  The more you talk about how you want them to behave, the more likely they will burst under the pressure (or just act out to torture us – ha!).

 What should I do during the session?

In general, the parents typically play more of a passive role during the session.  Here’s the thing… kids listen to other adults better than they do their own parents.  Who knows why, but they do.  When a toddler or child is having a rough time, I often encourage the parents to step away a bit.  We just talk and play and I keep them at ease.  I can sneak in some great pictures this way.  And I definitely don’t mind the occasional fit or tears – those images are priceless, too!  I have all the patience we need…and don’t be embarrassed if they really act up – I have kids too, so I understand first hand! We’ll  do our best to keep the comfortable and relaxed! If you are concerned about what approach would work best with your child, just let me know before the session and we can talk it over.

 What should I wear to my session?

Bright and vibrant colors are good, but busy prints can take the focus away from the subject. That said I l do love fun and fashionable outfits, too.  Just keep in mind that the image will then be just as much about the outfit as it is the child. Don’t be afraid to throw in a fun scarf, hooded jacket or hats! Bare feet look more natural and relaxed for all ages. (for indoor sessions) If they are going to wear shoes, watch for dirt and scuff marks that might be distracting. For outside locations, we can slip shoes on and off if you like. Groups look best in similar styles or colors, but do not have to match or be exactly the same. Most of my clients choose casual everyday clothes over dressing up in something more formal.  If you aren’t sure, bring out several outfits and we can look through them together! If we are meeting on location, we can always chat before the session!


Simply Digital Sessions:  (The Simply Digital Sessions must be pre booked and paid in full prior to the session time)

Silver Collection. $500.00 (When you know you would like some digital files).

Includes a week day mini session, 10-15 viewable online images to order from and 6 high resolution digital files/poses of your choice.  (printable up to 11×14)                                   Valid only for newborn, child, or family sessions, for event sessions add $300. For weekend sessions add $100.

Gold Collection.  $800.00 (When you know you would like digital files)

Includes full weekday session, 20 viewable online images to order from, 12 high resolution digital files/poses of your choice. (printable up to 11×14)
Valid only for newborn, child, or family sessions, for event sessions add $300. For weekend sessions add $100.

Platinum Collection.  $1500.00 (When you know you will want all the digital files)

Includes full weekday session, 40 high resolution digital files.
Valid only for newborn, child, or family sessions, for event sessions add $300.

*All digital file images in the Simply Digital Collections come via dropbox and include a high resolution and media resolution file of each image as well as a reproduction release.

Bonus Print Collections:

The Joely: $1000

Includes:  a $900 print credit and a custom designed session album with up to 20 images from your session.

The Lily:  $1500

Includes:  a $1400 print credit, a custom designed session album with up to 25 images from your session, and a mini accordion album/brag book.

The Chloë:  $2000

Includes: a $1900 print credit, a custom designed session album with up to 25 images from your session and three mini accordion album/brag books… one to keep and two to share!



print sizes

Gift Prints

8×10                         $45

5×7 (&Smaller )       $40

Wallets (set of 8)     $40


Enlargements/Wall Prints  (mounted for protection)

11×14        $100

16×20        $175

20×24        $250

24×30        $425

30×40        $600  

Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap

11×14    $250

16×20    $350

20×24    $450

24×30    $550

30×40    $800

Individual Digital File Pricing of High Resolution Images. (printable up to 40″)


3 Poses/Images     $300

6 Poses/Images     $500

12 Poses/Images    $800

20 Poses/Images     $1,200

30 Poses/Images     $1,600

40 Poses/Images     $1,800 

All digital files are sent via dropbox, when ordering 12 poses or more you will also receive the images on a flash drive. Each high resolution file can be printed up to 40 inch length.  You will also receive a watermarked media resolution image of each file for posting on social media websites.  A reproduction release document will also accompany your digital file order.

Press printed cards custom designed to show off your session.



5.5×4″  Folded Cards (set of 24)                            $85.00

5×7″ Folded Cards (set of 24)                                $105.00

5×5 or 5.5×4 Flat card/Postcard (set of 24)           $80.00

Trifold Card (Folded 5x5x3) (set of 24)                  $140.00

Barn Doors Card (folded 5x5x) (set of 24)            $125.00

Accordion Card (folded 5.5x4x4) (set of 24)         $160.00


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